Tuesday, 4 June 2013

antenatal class


First Antenatal Class
Taking your first antenatal class? Can’t decide which type of class you should enrol for? Here are some tips on antenatal class and its functions that might help you make the right decision:

No.Pointers / QuestionsReasons
1.Who should attend?First time mothers and parents-to-be.
2.Where are these classes conducted?The classes are normally conducted by maternity hospitals, private hospitals or even through private classes conducted by healthcare professionals.
3.Who will conduct the class?The classes are conducted by a facilitator with medical background such as doctors, dieticians and health specialists.
4.Are these classes expensive?Classes held by local maternity hospital – generally not expensive.
Private hospital/ classes – will vary from moderate to expensive.
5.What’s the number of participants per class?Normally antenatal classes are conducted in small groups to give focus and a session will last for about 2 hours.
6.What do they teach you in these classes?In general antenatal classes aim to:
  1. Impart knowledge on pregnancy.
  2. Prepare you for labour.
  3. Prepare you to care for your new baby.
These lessons will be conducted both in theory and practical, to give you hands on experience. You will also meet other expecting parents and you can share information and experience with them.
7.What should I be learning?Antenatal classes aim to prepare you to address issues such as:
  1. Pregnancy health.
  2. Eating and staying fit.
  3. Preparation for labour and birth.
  4. Actions to be taken when you are about to give birth and identifying the signs (more onSigns page).
  5. Delivery options (more information on My Doctor & Hospital page).
  6. Possible complications
  7. Feeding your baby (more information on Feeding Your Baby page).
  8. Caring for your newborn.
  9. Mental & physical preparation to become a parent.
  10. Some courses would include a tour of the hospital or birth centre.

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